Race Guide: NYC Half 2014


Running? Spectating? Enjoy race day with our Running Company race guide with info pulled from event race director-NYRR and #NYCHalf tips from running guru’s & past participants. Packet Pickup & Expo:  The expo will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street (between Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue) during the following hours: Thursday, […]

Nike Lunarglide +5: Test Run feedback

note the 4 pieces of outsole under the forefoot, 3rd one down, that's the good one!

I’m not going to regurgitate stats from the Nike catalog.  I’ll remind you- I work in a running store. We try e-ver-y-thing.  Sometimes we feel that a shoe just needs to be run on.  I’ve felt plenty of shoes that seem a touch too mushy for the later part of a long run. My particular foot […]

Calf Stretching

Calf Stretching

Calves get sore and tight for a number of reasons, however, the primary reason they get tight is that they’re used every day.  Running, jumping, sliding, playing… all these activities use the gastrocenemius and the soleus to create forward motion. “The calf muscle, on the back of the lower leg, is actually made up of […]