Ringing in March with Mizuno!


Last night we had a very successful group run here at PRC! Mizuno rep Riley supplied us with demo pairs of the Wave Rider 17 and Wave Inspire 10, which have been great sellers since their release in December. Check out these photos from the event to see what you missed if you were unable […]

Fall in Love with Running this Valentine’s Day!


Corny, we know. But anything less than corny would mean being weirdly romantic about the affair we call running. If you didn’t get to visit the store in recent weeks, here are some photos of our Valentine’s Day celebration, in all its glittery splendor…. This “love note” is definitely the largest we have ever created, […]

Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail (LHT)

If you ran around Rosedale Park or the nearby surrounding area about a year or two ago, you undoubtedly have seen signs announcing the new Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail. Like so: You probably got excited. As runners, the idea of a new, unexplored local place to run naturally sends tingles down our spines. Uncharted territory! A rare […]