Go-to Gear Guide: Running Socks

Running Socks

How to buy the right running socks Socks: running’s most overlooked and under-appreciated gear. That is, until your dogs are barking. When discomfort strikes underfoot-especiallly mid-race or nowhere near a taxi-you’d give your big toe for relief. Fortunately, saving your soles-and your run-can be as simple as finding the right socks. Before purchasing socks, consider […]

Go-to Gear Guide: Sports Bras

Moving Comfort Endurance Racer Sports Bra

How to buy the right sports bra For female runners, a sports bra and shoes are the most important pieces of gear. Fortunately, since the first JogBra hit the ground running in 1977, women’s essential apparel has come a long way. From a contraption made with two reconfigured jock straps to an entire population of […]