Give the Gift of Fitness

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Here’s what to get the runners, walkers and fitness nuts on this year’s
gift list.

These ideas might just inspire other friends and family to be more active.

1. Let’s get visible! Visibility assistance products keep loved ones safe during pre-dawn, post-dusk and dreary winter exercise sessions.

Head lamp — Ideal for runners who frequent trails or run when it’s dark, this light shows the way. Ultra runners will especially appreciate a bounce-free fit. Mammut T-Trail Head Lamp, $34.95

Reflective vest — This non-constricting vest provides 360-degrees of reflectivity. Amphipod Xinglet Pocket Reflective Vest, $29.95Nathan LED Safety Strobe

Flashing lights — runners and walkers shouldn’t rely on reflectivity alone to make sure drivers see them in low-light conditions. Encourage proactive safety by gifting a strobe, blinking or solid light. Nathan LightSpur Running Light,  $20; Nathan StrobeLight Running Light, $10

2. Mmm, massage! Just short of a professional massage, these tools help relieve tension in sore, inflamed muscles to promote recovery.

Self-massage stick — “The Stick” is popular among runners for good reason. It’s portable and helps ease knotty muscles. The “Marathon” stick is designed for long distance runners and newbies alike; the “Sprinter” provides more intense deep tissue manipulation. The Stick Marathon Stick, $32

Foam roller — A runner’s best friend and/or worst enemy (depending on how tight their muscles are), a foam roller can play significant roll, er, role in warm-up and recovery. “The Grid” has a knot-dissolving surface. Trigger Point Performance Therapy The Grid, $39.99


photo 2

3. Runner Fuel: These tasty treats keep endurance athletes going strong — and replace much-needed nutrients.

Gels — Wanna win over a runner? Buy them a box of their favorite gel, like GU Energy Gels or PowerBar GelsHoney Stinger Waffles are another option that’s popular with all endurance athletes and even hikers. Honey Stinger Organic Waffles, $22

4. Bundle up with these gifts to protect runners from winter and not-so-hot elements.

Gloves — Whether the runner on your list has bad circulation or trains through winter storms, these gloves increase comfort. From $18

Hats — A key to temperature regulation, a good beanie ought to be breathable, but warm and never, ever itchy. This Merino Wool hat fits the bill. Smartwool Reversible Training Beanie, $24.95

What’s on your holiday wish list?

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