Pace Calculator

Not sure how far you ran today or what your pace was? Leave the pace calculations to us! Simply plug in two of the three values – distance, time and pace per mile – and you’ll find out the missing value. Plan how long your next race will take based on your average pace, or determine how many miles you ran today with ease.

How to Use the Pace Calculator

Pacing can be a tricky thing for runners of all levels, but is an important part of running. Your pace is the speed at which you run, based on how fast you are running each mile. Knowing your pace on a run can help you to determine how far you went and can give you an indicator of what your time will be for a specific distance.

Our pace calculator is an important tool for any runner who has some of the details of their run, but not all. Let’s say you ran for 45 minutes and you know the run was 5 miles. How fast was your pace? Your pace was 9-minutes per mile. Of course, most of the time the numbers will be a little more complicated, but you get the picture. The calculator does the math for you in no time. Plug in the numbers that you do know and find out what you didn’t. It really is that simple.
Why Pace is Important

There are a couple of reasons why your pace is important to your running goals. First of all, your pace is an indicator of your fitness and the progress that you are making. Maybe when you first started running you logged 10-minute miles, but have since dropped your pace to 9-minute miles. This tells you that you have gotten fitter and your training is working.

Your pace can also help you to learn how much time it takes you to run a certain distance, which is great for predicting race times and for knowing how many miles you can squeeze in before breakfast. If you want to run 5 miles before you head to work today, but don’t know roughly how long it will take you, how can you decide what time to get up? Knowing your average pace can help immensely with scheduling.

A pace calculator can also help you to see if you are training hard enough. Maybe you intended to run at your goal race pace, but are unsure whether you hit this pace on yesterday’s run. The pace calculator will let you know whether or not you hit your target, which can help you to adjust how you run next time.

Pacing is a key component of running if you plan to run races or to simply determine whether you have improved your fitness levels. Use our pace calculator when you have two of the three variables and you’ll have the pacing information that you need.

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