Staff Pick: Feetures! Elite Merino+ Socks

What happens when a long-time runner, race volunteer, and hiker puts Feetures! Elite Merino+ socks through the wringer? Greg MacGowan explains.

feetures elite merino running socks

With autumn fast approaching, I was eager to try a pair of Feetures! Elite Merino+ socks. These socks have a blend of Merino wool and Rayon (made from bamboo) made to keep feet warm in wet, cool conditions and also to resist odors.

I have been a fan of Feetures! socks for several years for their fit, comfort, and support (The compression band around the arch provides support to ward off the fatigue that causes tired, achy feet). In fact, they are so supportive that they are the only sock I will wear for long runs or when I am working in the store (because standing on your feet for eight hours helping customers is almost as hard on your feet as a marathon!).

And so, I was excited to try this style. The Merino wool is surprisingly soft – almost as soft as fleece. Plus, the Elite Merino+ include what all Feetures! Elite socks have: an anatomical fit (each sock is fitted specifically to either the left or right foot) to provide even more support, as well as to resist slipping and prevent blisters.

The socks’ very first assignment was volunteering at a fall half-marathon where I would be standing for several hours, followed immediately by a three mile run. Not only were my feet perfectly warm from the Merino wool and fresh from the anatomical fit, but I completely forgot that I still had them on, even after being home for an hour. Usually, I can’t wait to peel off my socks and let my feet breathe, but these socks felt like a second skin.

They were so warm and comfortable, in fact, that I almost cannot wait for winter to come so I can wear them in some really cold weather. (Oh dear – did I really just say that?)

Feetures! socks are also my favorite socks for hiking, so I will definitely be getting another pair of these for winter hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

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