Staff Pick: New Balance 1080 V3

This trainer’s a workhorse for neutral runners who want a cushioned ride with a lower-than-average offset. 

RUNNING SHOE: New Balance 1080 V3

Category: Cushion, Neutral

Best for: Training, Racing, Roads, Running, Walking

Weight: 8.1 oz. (women’s size 8)

Heel-to-toe drop: 7-8 mm

Price: $135



By Katie Weinmann, runner, mentor and shoe-fitter extraordinaire — Greater Boston Running Company


The New Balance 1080 v3 is a neutral high cushion shoe with a lightweight frame offering runners comfort and protection with some very bright colors. The 1080 is a great option for runners logging and training with a high amount of mileage.  The cushioning throughout the heel, midsole and forefoot is called the Absorbz ® Strobel Board, which provides maximum comfort and shock stability for every step of your long run.

The 1080 v3 may be a big shoe, but it’s deceivingly light. New Balance created a high cushion shoe that is not heavy on your foot. It provides a base for long miles of marathon training and remains your true standby for all long distances.

The New Balance 1080 feels different on your foot because of their 8 mm drop from heel to toe. The varying offset allowed New Balance to reduce the material in the shoe, but was able to accomplish the decreased material and maintain the cushioning.

The standard fit of the 1080 translates to a successful fit for many different types of feet as well.

The one negative that I discovered about the New Balance 1080 is the durability and longevity of the tread. The treads of the shoe might not last as long as the midsole cushioning, which is usually the first part of a shoe to breakdown.

Overall, the New Balance 1080 is a great workhorse shoe that provides a great ride for 5k, 10k or up to a marathon.

Check out the New Balance 1080 v3 here

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