What Is Flyknit?

Nike’s one-piece knit materials make running shoes lightweight, adaptive and more sustainable.

Nike, flyknit, running shoes

Forget glued-on overlays and stiff seams. Flyknit construction breaks the running shoe mold. Driven by feedback from elite runners from across the globe, Nike pursued the ideals of performance, lightness, form-fitting, and sustainability while engineering this game-changing technology.

With a special knitting machine, polyester yarn is knit into a one-piece upper (the top of the shoe that covers the top of your foot). More advanced than a knit-pearl-knit-pearl scarf pattern, this method of weaving the Flyknit is coupled with ultra-light Flywire to tailor density to what the foot needs: flexibility in the forefoot, ventilation along the sides, and support in the heel.

This results in a simultaneously stretchy and snug lightweight upper — what top athletes said they were looking for (and tested and approved). Making at least one part of a running shoe this way also reduces the waste associated with other ways of making shoes.

Look for the Flyknit construction in the Nike Flyknit Trainer+ as well as the Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Running Shoes.

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