Race Recap: Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Jason Halberstadt jumped into the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon without much notice, but drew strength from the miles he regularly logs around the city. Here’s his race report.

Last Sunday in Denver, Colo., I ran my ninth marathon.

Normally I plan longer races like this out months in advance and put in lots of marathon-specific speed work, tempo work and long runs, but this time I just decided to jump into it about a month before hand, so my expectations were pretty low.

Race conditions were really good — chilly and overcast, but I warmed up pretty quickly and tossed my gloves and long sleeve shirt about two miles into the run. My race plan was to go out conservatively through 20 miles and pick it up from there, which for the most part I was able to do. Except at 20 miles the wheels started falling off the bus.

My last three miles were pretty tough (as they are for most marathoners), but luckily I was able to keep plugging away and chipping away at the distance, and ended up running 3:05 after hitting the half in 1:29.

Luckily, my wife was able to hand me a bottle of Coke on the course at 18 miles. That really helped pull me through. There’s nothing like sugar and caffeine to kick-start the legs!

All-in-all, I’m really happy with the race as I ran a Boston Qualifier time (BQ) and I can also use this time as an automatic qualifier to get into the Two Oceans 56k race in South Africa next spring. But next time I think I’ll put some more effort into planning out a marathon with the end goal of getting under 2:50.

— Jason Halberstadt, digital merchandiser for Run.com and BoulderRunningCompany.com #TeamRunDotCom

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