Racing In the Dark

Safety in Numbers: Check Out These Night Races

Whether you’re scared of the dark or a night owl, you can learn to love running in the dark at these year-round races.

Emerald Nuts Midnight

Celebrate the New Year with fellow revelers as you run through the streets of Manhatten to Central Park.


Help light up the night at any one of the 12 Firefly Runs around the country. Next stops: Dallas, Phoenix, and Denver.

Moonlight Half

See how close to midnight you can cross the finish line and help raise money for Mapleton Parkway Trail in Mapleton, Utah just outside of Salt Lake City.

A Midsummer Night’s

Sign up for a 5K walk or 15K or 30K run along Toronto, Canada’s waterfront under the moonlight.


A 2-mile moonlight run across the arched Shasta Dam in Shasta Lake, California.

Winter Quarter/Half/Fun Trail

You’ll need a headlamp for this trail run at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

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