Running Specialty Group: A Network of Local Running Stores

Your local running store is part of Running Specialty Group (RSG). Want to learn more about RSG? Or curious why your local running store is driving you to to shop online? Below are answers to your commonly asked questions.

What is Running Specialty Group (RSG)?

RSG is the parent company behind a network of local running stores across the U.S. Our goal is to inspire, connect, and serve runners everywhere. We understand the importance of your local running community and your desire to shop the best running product out there. See our full list of stores here.

How will RSG impact my local shopping experience?

We understand how important local communities are to runners. While your local store is part of a larger network, they are still focused on providing the best running experience in your market. Whether that’s recommending the best running routes in your area or throwing community events for you to attend, they will remain locally focused. Being part of RSG allows your local running store to get access to the best running products from the best brands out there.

Why am I being sent to to shop online?

Boulder Running Company is part of our network of running stores. They are located in Colorado and are currently the only one of our stores that sells products online. We want to give you the opportunity to shop the same great product you find in your local store whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Boulder Running Company ships nationwide and carries many of the same products your local store carries.

What is is an online community we own as part of Running Specialty Group. We are in the process of building out this site to better serve you and our local communities. For now, it’s a place we can post information like this to keep you informed. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve this site.




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    For many years we have sold to MAXIT seasonal headwear to Bob Roncker’s Running Spot and Running Fit stores. We have learned that buying is now centrally located and we would like to know who we can contact regarding the purchase of our product and continue our business relationships with Bob Roncker’s and Running Fit and growing our business with all RSG running stores.

    Thank you,

    Mike Ellison

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