How Running Has Changed My Life: Nana Serwa Wiafe

“My goal in life is to empower as many people — especially women — as I can,” says Nana Serwa Wiafe, a sales associate at Texas Running Company – Gateway in Austin. “I am new to running but loving every bit of it.”

Here’s her story:

I came into running by default. I was broke and could no longer afford my gym membership. I did run track in high school, but that was over 25 years ago.

After a separation from my husband in 2011, I  needed a change — a fresh start.  An opportunity with Time Warner Cable came through and I  moved to Austin blindly not knowing a single soul. After a year, my position fell through, and that is when I  decided to further my education and to earn my MBA, which meant funds were going to be low.

I cancelled my gym membership and started buying workout deals on Groupon. I started with Crossfit and bootcamp classes. One  of these boot camp deals took to me Brushy Creek running trail.

During the bootcamp, we ran the trail several times a week. After 6 weeks, my deal ended, but I stayed on the trail. It is there where I met the Black Girls Run Austin running group.

I feel running has completely saved my life with all the drama with my divorce, the demands of motherhood and then combining that with MBA school work. It became my outlet to think, and be free! For someone who could barely run three miles back in October 2012, I am now up to 10 miles on my long runs and ran my first 10-mile race in October (Run For The Water). My goal for 2014 is to run 6 half marathons starting in January with the 3M half and and the Austin half in February. I also want to run 10 races to celebrate my daughter’s birthday this year — preferably half marathons if I can find a sponsor because these race fees are not cheap.

I didn’t set out to be a distance runner, but I am loving every bit of it.

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