5k Walk/Jog Training Program: Novice’s Plan

Want to finish your first 5k? Train with us!

Follow this nine-week training program to gain fitness, build endurance, and increase strength. With walking and jogging, you’ll increase the amount of time you can run.

Best for:

  • First-time runners
  • Novice athletes who have little to no experience exercising or running
  • Clydesdales, heavy or overweight runners, who may have experienced joint pain with previous exercise regimes
  • Self-declared couch potatoes looking for motivation to get out the door to improve health


The Basics: Training Glossary

Cross Training (XT): Cross training is low-impact exercise, such as biking, swimming, rowing, skating, using the elliptical trainer, cross-country, or skate skiing. Use it as a supplement to your running. To avoid boredom, switch up your activity-and have fun. If you experience joint pain, choose to cross train on days when you have the option of walking or cross training; choose lower and no impact activities such as swimming.

Jog: Run at a gentle, steady pace. Be patient; focus on time, not speed.

Rest Day: Days off from walking and jogging routine, scheduled to allow your body to recover from and adapt to previous training, as well as to prepare for upcoming bouts of training. Light activity, such as household chores or taking the stairs (instead of the escalator or elevator), can help increase circulation and reduce soreness, if you feel tight or achy.

Walk: Walk at a brisk pace. Walking increases and maintains your aerobic fitness, and builds your tolerance for spending “time on your feet.”

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