Ask The PT: Trying to Get Back Into Running

Q. “I recently started running again after a (too long) break and I’ve found getting back into the groove has been more difficult than I imagined.

Frosty's Frozen 10-Mile Race

In particular, my calves get super tight and feel like immovable blocks. Any recommendations?

I’m wondering if (a) I’m under hydrated or (b) part of the problem is my shoes, which I admit are probably shot. My goal is to get in the habit of doing 12 to 15 miles a week comfortably, so I’m not looking to become a frequent marathoner.”

— Travis

A. First and foremost: If YOU say your shoes are shot, then they probably are!

Get fitted at one of the Running Company stores, which would involve a treadmill run. You may not even be in a shoe that’s right for you.

Also, make sure you’re doing an exercise program that can help you get your “running muscles” back to form — check out my level 1 and 2 hip program for runners (if you can’t do at least level 1, then get on it!!).

You can also check out my article on how a beginner can get started safely. When you’ve taken a long time off, your body isn’t ready to do the same intensity or mileage it was before. Hopefully stretching and foam rolling can be a part of this program as well.

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