What Resolution?

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Now, where did that New Year’s resolution go? No matter — here’s how to (actually) find fitness. Since we’re about two weeks into the new year, it should seem appropriate to have a little talk about restarting those resolutions that you bailed on four or five days ago, or right after our friend asked if […]

Runner Safety: How to share roads, trails and tracks


In America, when moving, we’re supposed to stay to the right, right? What about when you’re running? Heed these tips for how to share roads, trails, and tracks with cars, bikes, and other humans. Runner safety is mainly, well, common sense. But some rules of etiquette must be taught. On Roads Stick to sidewalks whenever […]

Start Running: What Not To Do

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Calling all beginners: beware these newbie mistakes. Avoid them to stay healthy and injury-free. Running has its fair share of champions. It’s a straightforward sport that doesn’t require lots of special equipment or a gym membership. “It seems easy; all you need is a pair of shoes and a park,” says Tibor Nemes, founder and head […]

How Smoking Affects Runners

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Can you be a runner and smoke, or a smoker and run? We often think of runners as athletes: active, health-conscious, and fit. A runner wouldn’t ever let a cigarette touch his or her lips, right? Surprisingly, a number of runners still light one up on occasion — or even regularly. An estimated 43.8 million […]