Study: Rotate Shoes to Reduce Risk of Injury

Saucony running shoes

Have you heard experienced runners recommend alternating multiple pairs of running shoes to help prevent injury? A recent study looked into whether this oft-repeated prescription works. Researchers tracked 264 “recreational runners” in a 22-week study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. They recorded the participant’s running sessions, other exercise activities, and injuries, […]

Ask The PT: How to Activate Your Core and Hips – Level 2

side plank on knees

Strengthen and balance key running muscles with these exercises. That is, after you’ve mastered Level 1. I am somewhat surprised by the response I received from the Level 1 program, designed to combat the muscle weakness and imbalances that contribute to running injuries. Runners (of all ages), triathletes, and even coaches have emailed me wanting […]