Running And Walking Shown to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Death

Here’s another reason to get more exercise, ladies: research shows women’s risk of dying from breast cancer is lower when they walk or run a specific amount.

Women runningA study published in PLos One examined data on more than 79,000 women from 11-year National Walkers’ and Runners’ Health Studies. Although none of the women had a history of breast cancer at the beginning of the study, 111 died from the disease. Remarkably, those women who met generally recommended exercise standards by walking or running had a 41.5 percent lower risk of breast cancer death than those who did not.

The runners and walkers with lower risk exercised for at least 7.5 metabolic equivalent hours per week — or approximately 7 miles of walking or 4.75 miles per week of running, as reported by Runner’s World here.

Research has shown that physical activity helps decrease risk of other cancers for men and women alike. Running and other exercise may improve the prognosis of cancer patients. Plus, as most runners agree, running and walking improves their quality of life.

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