Winter Cross Training


Hit the slopes this winter to revitalize your running. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s gray. You have every reason to bail on your run today. Instead of pitting your sneakers against Old Man Winter, embrace the change in season with cross-training activities that make cold, snowy conditions fun. You’ll find new inspiration—and the change of […]

How To Run In The Snow

running in the snow

5 Keys To Dashing Through Winter Wonderland Snow days provide crisp fresh air, quiet streets, and trails, and awe-inducing scenery—perfect for running. So forget the one-horse open sleigh and ditch the treadmill. Find snow-savy peace of mind with these five tips: 1. Practice Technique “Snow days are the best days to go out and work […]

Running And Walking Shown to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Death

Women running

Here’s another reason to get more exercise, ladies: research shows women’s risk of dying from breast cancer is lower when they walk or run a specific amount. A study published in PLos One examined data on more than 79,000 women from 11-year National Walkers’ and Runners’ Health Studies. Although none of the women had a history of […]

Runner Safety: How to share roads, trails and tracks


In America, when moving, we’re supposed to stay to the right, right? What about when you’re running? Heed these tips for how to share roads, trails, and tracks with cars, bikes, and other humans. Runner safety is mainly, well, common sense. But some rules of etiquette must be taught. On Roads Stick to sidewalks whenever […]