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Featured Gear of the Week: Nike Vapor Jacket

Nike Vapor Jacket

“I need a lightweight running jacket that’s waterproof, lightweight and compacts into my suitcase. And I run before or after work because I hate the treadmill. Also, I sweat like a pig, the thing has to breathe.” Easy. You want the Vapor Jacket in neon yellow. It’s Nike’s brilliant take on warmth with their Dry-fit […]

Smart Goals and BHAG’s

Smart Goals and BHAG’s

Everyone has goals.  Sometimes the goal is to put one foot in front of the other and make it around the block.  A month later, a goal might be to make it an entire mile without stopping.  When that becomes mundane, the next goal gets incrementally harder. It’s good to set goals; with a goal, […]

Staff Profile: Nell Rojas


Meet Boulder Running Company Team Member Nell Rojas! Nell has been a member of our team since July of 2013. She is our resident professional triathlete – come by and pick her brain about nutrition, bike specs, transition tactics, wetsuit selection – the works! What do you love about running? I love that with running, I […]

Mizuno: What If Everybody Ran?

Mizuno: What If Everybody Ran?

Mizuno Running unveiled their NEW “What If Everybody Ran?” campaign. Originating from the belief that sports have the ability to transform a person in a multitude of ways, they asked the simple question: What If Everybody Ran? They set out to understand the impact of running if more people were runners, then partnered with the University of North […]

Nathan QuickShot Plus

photo 3

The Nathan QuickShot Plus is a great 10 oz hand-held with an adjustable velcro grip and a small zippered pocket on the front. This Super-Flex Flask has a high-flow one-way race cap that opens and closes automatically. Runners use this lightweight bottle for short runs or racing, when you want to drink at your convenience […]