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Support Healthy Kids When You Buy Our Frank Shorter Race for Kids Health Gift Pack!

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These are the items included in our Healthy Learning Paths gift sets! We have partnered with Healthy Learning Paths, a local non-profit that educates kids on healthy eating and activity, to provide you with great gift options! For $49.95, you get an entry to HLP’s Frank Shorter Race for Kids’ Health in April, as well as cool […]

Mizuno: What If Everybody Ran?

Mizuno: What If Everybody Ran?

Mizuno Running unveiled their NEW “What If Everybody Ran?” campaign. Originating from the belief that sports have the ability to transform a person in a multitude of ways, they asked the simple question: What If Everybody Ran? They set out to understand the impact of running if more people were runners, then partnered with the University of North […]

Nathan QuickShot Plus

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The Nathan QuickShot Plus is a great 10 oz hand-held with an adjustable velcro grip and a small zippered pocket on the front. This Super-Flex Flask has a high-flow one-way race cap that opens and closes automatically. Runners use this lightweight bottle for short runs or racing, when you want to drink at your convenience […]

Dynafit Pantera trail shoe


We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Trail section at the BRC; the Dynafit Pantera, designed by our very own Henry Guzman. Some trail runners remember the Montrail Hardrock; a lot of folks said it was the best trail shoe that had ever been made. Alas, it’s gone… which is why we welcome the […]

Calf Stretching

Calf Stretching

Calves get sore and tight for a number of reasons, however, the primary reason they get tight is that they’re used every day.  Running, jumping, sliding, playing… all these activities use the gastrocenemius and the soleus to create forward motion. “The calf muscle, on the back of the lower leg, is actually made up of […]

Our Colorful Hydration Wall

Hydration Wall at the BRC-Boulder

Our shipment of Nathan hydration products has arrived! Bottles, gel flasks, Quick Shots, packs and waist belts… come in and gear up for your best training season ever! Check out the handy SpeedDraw Plus. 16 ounce capacity with a handy dandy storage pouch that won’t bounce all over the place. This bottle is flatter than […]