Staff Profile: Amanda Charles


Meet Boulder Running Company General Manager and Apparel Buyer Amanda Charles! Amanda has been at Boulder Running Company for 14 years. She loves working on a team that she describes as inspiring, passionate and motivated (we’re blushing)!

What do you love about running?  With running, anyone can do it and feel like a rockstar. There is a sense of accomplishment and sense of improving yourself in running like no other sport.  I love running for the freedom it gives me to think about anything and nothing at all, the freedom to let thoughts run wild. It lends itself to giving me the most clarity in areas that I am placing the most thought.

Tell us about your running history. I started running in junior high school.  My favorite memories will forever be high school cross country.  I completed my first marathon at age 19, have run 35 marathons since and completed two Ironman distance triathlons.  Stand Up Paddle races are my new obsession – the Kahala Challenge is on the books for 2014!  My secret dream race (well not secret now!) is the Molokai to Oahu Paddle Race.  Anyone game to join my team?

What are your favorite products? The Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie, the Lole Love Glove, Sugoi Jackie Knicker, Skratch hydration products, the Polar FT60, and Hokas (all of them!)

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