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Meet Boulder Running Company Team Member Jon Windemuller! Jon has been a member of our team for just over 4 years. He loves the challenge of figuring out what shoes, apparel, and running accessories are the best match for each of his customers. Jon’s personal running journey of losing over 65 pounds and keeping it off for the last 6 years is a big inspiration to all of us!

What do you love about running? What I love about running is its simplicity.  It’s a sport that all I need to do is go out the front door and start running.  I’m the one in charge and I get to determine the distance.  Additionally, if I’m preparing for a race I just need to execute that day’s workout and then I’m done.  Each day and each run, I work out my plan and am preparing myself for the race. I also love that a large part of the population in Boulder runs.  This motivates me to stay fit and to continue to challenge myself.  It’s nice that we have incredible trails to run less than 2 miles away from the store.

Why do you like working at Boulder Running Company?  I like that I can help my customers make a difference in their lives.  It’s extremely motivating to hear that because of the shoes I’ve recommended the customer has been able to run farther, get in better shape, and accomplish their goals.

Tell us about your running history. I ran track for 2 years in high school and did not run in college.  After graduating college in 1992 I got married and stopped running.  Career, family, raising kids were my main priority.  From 1992-2006 I went from 165 pounds to 230 pounds.  I had a 32 inch waist and ended up with a size 40 waist in 2006.  In 2006 I had enough.  I started lifting weights, running, and eating differently.  In 6 months I went from 230 pounds down to 165 pounds.  Since then I’ve kept my weight off.  Here’s a brief list of  what I’ve accomplished:

  • First 5K in 2006
  • First 10K in 2006
  • First 25k in 2007
  • First marathon in 2007
  • Second 25K in 2008
  • First 50 mile ultra in 2008

I’ve highlighted races from 2006-2008 because I would have never done these if I hadn’t lost my weight in 2006.  Since 2008 I’ve run distances from 5K to the marathon.  I like both the challenge of running a marathon and the challenge or increasing my speed at the 5K distance.

Thanks Jon! 

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