Yoga at BRC – Every Friday @ 8:45 AM!

Yogis enjoying coffee, bagels and good company after class today!

Yogis enjoying coffee, bagels and good company after class today!


Listening to conversation after this morning’s yoga class reminded me of how single-minded we runners can be. As they sipped coffee, two of this morning’s yogis talked about their yoga practice and the fact that when they were younger neither of them stretched, or did anything but run, for that matter. . . . until they developed injuries that kept them from doing what they loved – running!

So many of us make time for the run, but we don’t make time for the other exercises that give our bodies balance and help to keep us injury-free. For many of us, it is injury that drives us to take up other activities, activities that will most commonly make us better runners and healthier people!

It is for this reason that we have a weekly yoga class at Boulder Running Company. We love running and we want to help people keep running. Our class focuses on the balance, strength and flexibility that runners (and cyclists) often ignore. Treat yourself to an hour of yoga with us each Friday at 8:45 AM. Stay after class for free bagels, coffee and conversation! Your body will thank you!


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