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What is happening at Boulder Running Company – Cherry Creek

Wow, things are moving at a million miles an hour over here. Wanted to give everyone a few quick updates about the store!

  1.  We have an AWESOME staff hired and already working hard! You can get to know them in the “Meet our Team” tab of the blog.
  2.  #RUNCH is gaining about 10 new runners a week! Feel free to join us at the BRC-CC store on Tuesdays, at noon, for a free social run !
  3.   The Cherry Creek Sneak training program is, like #RUNCH, also a huge success! It is never too late to join the fun – team members Sam, Chuy and Amanda are coaches in the program.  <– here is the info
  4.  We are set to open the doors on 3/1/14 and we look forward to having you as one of the first to experience this awesome store!
  5.  Lastly, SAVE THE DATE: April 4th– 6th is GRAND OPENING WEEKEND! There will be tailored events all weekend from a Ladies Night to a Family Fun Run… you are not going to miss this, can you say “Gift with purchase” :) .

Cannot wait for you all to see the store, hope you are as excited as we are!! BRC-CC Team

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