Staff Profile: Lene Dennis

BRC CC Meet our Team Lene

Meet Lene, an Assistant Store Manager at Cherry Creek.


Lene joined our team in 2011.  She was introduced to BRC at one of the many group fun runs more than 3 years ago and hasn’t left since!  She is incredibly excited to be part of the new team for the Cherry Creek store.  Lene enjoys running all different distances, but more than anything loves the community that comes with being a runner.  Some of her best friends have been met at pub runs, expos, races (and of course the race after party).  One of her favorite things about working for Boulder Running Company is that she gets to introduce new people to that community daily.

Lene is an avid skier, cyclist, and hiker in addition to being passionate about running; in her opinion any and all activities that incorporate all that Colorado has to offer are fair game.  Due to the demands of her boyfriend’s current training schedule she is also trying to like swimming.  Really hard.  Because date night at the pool is super fun.

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