Staff Profile: Stephen Wilfong

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Meet Stephen Wilfong, the Receiving Supervisor at Boulder Running Company – Cherry Creek.

Stephen joined our team in January, 2014. He has been running for almost four years with a few 5k’s, a 10k, and a half marathon under his belt. By summer of 2014 he will have run his second half, and the 14.5 mile Mt. Evans Ascent.

For Stephen, running is an extension of his love of the mountains. He is working on climbing Colorado’s highest 100 summits, including the 54 “14ers”, and has managed just over 50 of them so far. He will do anything from a simple walk-up, to steep snow climbs, technical rock routes, multiple-night backpacking trips, and ski descents to get his summits. He is always looking for ways to expand his climbing¬†repertoire.

Stephen’s lives previous to working for BRC have included being a store manager, editor-in-chief of a student newspaper, and ski instructor for Crested Butte Mountain Resort. He currently lives in Englewood with his wife/training partner.

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