A Few of Our Favorite (Runner) Things…

For anyone scratching their heads over what to get the runner(s) in the family this Christmas time, here are a few of our favorite potential stocking stuffers that are sure to be a hit…

Garmin Forerunner 10: This is far and away the most easy-to-use, basic, and workable option that we’ve got for those wanting to keep track of pace, distance, and caloric burn on every run. Simple to use, easy to figure out, and far less obtrusive than some of the other options available, the Forerunner 10 has been a hit since day one on the shelves.

Sweaty Bands: For the ladies in need of an option to keep hair out of the face whether running or not, Sweaty bands combine functionality with just plain looking awesome. Believe it or not, these don’t slip (which is a miracle among headbands), they don’t lose their elasticity, and they come in just about any color or style you could come up with (you can even custom order them). Talk about a fantastic stocking stuffer.

sweaty bands

Brooks Adapt Glove II: Brooks did a fantastic job with these guys. This is a glove  that, on colder days, can become a mitten with the lightweight wind-blocker that can be easily stored in a pouch atop the glove. Perfect for any temperature from chilly to downright freezing.

Adidas Supernova Racer Bra: Adidas has awesome apparal and this doesn’t disappoint. This could be, in my opinion and from personal experience,  the best running bra out there. Not only is the fit fantastic (however sizing runs XS-XL, so not as specific as some brands) but, with just the slightest amount of padding–and I’m not real sure how to say this without rating this post PG–but well, let’s just say that when it’s a bit, eh, “nippy” out there, the whole world doesn’t know by looking at you as they point and quietly giggle.adidas snova

Nathan Light-Up…stuff: Nathan’s got all the bases covered when it comes to staying visible on the dark runs that are all too common in the winter. Our favorites are Nathan Light Spurs, which clip easily onto the back of your shoe to keep you highly visible from behind, and Nathan’s Clip-On lights, which can be clipped onto any area of clothing and with a strobe that ensures you won’t be missed.

The Orb, The Stick, and Roll Recovery: Massage therapy and Physical Therapy is expensive, and let’s face it, on runners something is always banged up. So have a do-it-yourself option on hand to treat and prevent and treat those trouble spots. The Orb is a dense, foam ball about the size of a softball (but more yeilding) that is absolutely fantastic on hamstrings, glutes and IT bands and really gets into smaller areas of tightness that the Stick might not. The Stick on the other hand, is awesome for self-massaging large areas of the hams, quads and calves. The Roll Recovery, which we like to refer to as The Bear Trap, is a bit more pricey of an option, but applies bi-lateral pressure so that you can work on two opposing muscle groups at the same time. Tight hams and quads or tight calves and tibialis anterior? Get them both simultaneously with one use of the Roll Recovery; quite a genius contraption. All three of these guys are easy travel mates too!Roll Rec

Nathan Training Log: Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning runner or you’ve been at it for years, you can never go amiss by giving a training logs as just about every running dork likes to see their miles of accomplishments in writing. Not only that, but it’s an easy, simple, and convenient option for tracking progress, setbacks, and picking up on training patterns that work or don’t.

Nathan Power Shower Wipes: Not everyone has the convenience of a shower at the workplace, or maybe you’ve got somewhere to be immediately post-run and would rather everyone not know you just came from running. These effective wipes are easy to carry around and keep on hand for when those occasions arise.



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