ANOTHER Christmas List.

Just to add to the overabundance of Runner Christmas Gift Idea lists out there, I’ll be really cliche’ and add another. Even better yet, I will reiterate half of what has already been posted. Here are some last minute gift ideas for you pathetic procrastinators. Way to wait till the last minute.

1) Light up stuff: Headlamps, reflective dots, Light Spurs, we’ve been through all this before. Who does not want to be bedecked in one or all of these bright, shiney, even potentially life-saving light-up….things. Stay visible, you little fireflies of the trail you.

2) Oiselle Randies: These are rad. They just are. Antimicrobial, moisture wicking panties (there is absolutely no word in the English language that I hate more than “panties,” it sounds wheezy and wimpy and I just don’t care for it at all.) I have absolutely no idea who wears underwear to run in, but if you do, these will work. If you don’t, they’re awesome enough to just walk around in at home or the grocery store or at work or whatever. I can’t promise you’ll keep your job but it’ll be worth it.

3) Brooks Men’s Wind-Blocker Briefs: Since we’re talking panties now, I need to throw in something for the dudes. It was brought to my attention recently that men’s junk gets cold while running in frigid, windy conditions, and that this is terribly uncomfortable and a potential run-ender and things can end up “like a frightened turtle.” We have a couple pairs of these guys left on the sale rack, but they’ll go fast so you may want to get on it. Actually they might be gone already, I haven’t checked. In that case, you’re on your own. I hear a sock isn’t a bad option. If that’s true, we have some great SmartWools to pick from. We also have a great buy-two-get-one-free deal on Feetures. That’ll last you six runs, or give you the option of layering up.

4) Skratch electrolyte drink mix: Skratchy Skratch Skratch. All the way down. Into my belly. That’s all I got.

5) Nathan Sport Wash: This is great stuff for keeping the wicking properties of your running stuff intact after being washed a zillion times. But if your runner isn’t particular about their detergent then this gift has high potential for re-gifting.

6) Running Ornaments: It’s December-freaking-twentieth, a little late for tree decorating, but these are neat.

7) Nathan Running Log: For the running uber-nerd in your life to feed their obsessive-compulsion to keep track of every mile.

8) Body Glide: If you’ve studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I’m pretty sure I recall that Remaining Chafe-Free is sandwiched somewhere between Food, Water, and Shelter, and Self-Actualization. It’s just that important. Plus they come in 3 different sizes so that you can keep one in your car, one in your gym bag, and one in your back pocket to repeat liberal application throughout the entire day.

9) Hats, gloves and headbands: Super lame; basically a runner’s equivalent of getting whitey-tighties for Christmas. But very necessary and inevitably useful.

10) Skratch Labs Cookbook: I can’t cook to save my soul. But if I could, I would get this.

11) Gift Cards: If all else fails.

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