Asics Foundation Resurrected

For those of you who endured the discontinuation of the Asics Foundation, dry your tears, because it’s back!

The Asics Foundation, initially replaced with the Asics Forte, has been Asics’ staple motion control shoe for the moderate to severe overpronator. Fans of the shoe have historically loved its wider toe-box, and its plush feel that doesn’t necessarily have the rigid, blocky sensation typical of a motion control shoe of the Foundation’s caliber. The newest version, the Foundation 8, keeps all of those great features, but now includes a slightly more snugly fitting heel. So if you’re looking for a shoe to reduce substantial over-pronation without sacrificing the feel of  a high-end cushioning shoe, or if you just miss your old Foundations, this one is for you.

foundationFor our wider-footed customers, we already have full size runs of widths on the shelves, with the rest of our stock coming in February 1st!

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