Lactate Threshold Testing at BRC!

Have you ever been on a group run or read a running article and the words Lactate Threshold (LT) came up and you wondered to your self what in the world are they referring too?  Well now is your opportunity to not only learn what it is but also how it pertains to you and your own running.  Lactate is a product of energy metabolism.  Our body uses lactate as fuel as part of the energy production cycle.  We have lactate in our blood even at rest,  just in small quantities.  But what happens when we start to ramp up our energy requirements and we increases the amount of lactate in our blood?   When we use more energy to go faster, we need more energy, and we produce more lactate.  But our body is only able to clear it at some specific rate ( specific to each individual).  Finding that point (pace, heart rate) is what we want to know.  Once we find that point, appropriate training zones can be established.  Yeah I know sounds kind of scientific which it is but if you are going to  achieve your running goals in 2014 this test will help you get there.  For testing contact Nicole at,  you wont be sorry.

LT testing

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