NEW Hoka Conquest

conquestThe latest and greatest in the Hoka line has just hit our shelves. The new Hoka Conquest will add another fantastic pick to this innovative line.

The primary difference between the Conquest and its Hoka counterparts was the use of 2 different cushioning materials in the Conquest’s midsole. All other Hoka models used a large amount of EVA foam to provide their ample cushioning, and while it certainly works, some feel that the energy return of the shoe left something to be desired.

Not so with the Conquest, which features a more firm, responsive foam overlying the EVA base in the shoe. So, without sacrificing the ample, forgiving cushioning that has made Hoka famous, the Conquest has added just a touch firmness to the cushioning to provide not only greater energy return, but also greater stability. To add to the shoe’s stability features is a more stable frame to the shoe, making it more appropriate for runners who overpronated too much to be able to run their necessary miles in the other Hoka models.

Additionally, the Conquest features a seamless upper and a sole that allows for fantastic water drainage, making this sure to be a hit among Hoka fantatics and soon-to-be converts!

10.5 oz (mens size 9)

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