Product Review: YakTrax Run

Now seems like an appropriate time for a product review on these bad boys.

YakTrax developed these guys to be running-specific. For anyone familiar with the older version of YakTrax, only the steel coils were employed on both the forefoot and the midfoot/heel, which were fantastic in snow and slush, and okay on ice. YakTrax Run still utilizes the same highly durable rubber that snugs the YakTrax around the shoe, and still employs coils on the heel and midfoot portion of the sole of the foot, the biggest change is the 1/4 inch steel spikes on the forefoot. These guys made for added improvement in traction on icy surfaces, and especially fantastic traction going up slick hills. On top of that, the spikes didn’t get chewed up as a result of hitting a couple of miles of pavement.

yaktrax run

The biggest/only drawback to the new design was the snow clumping up in and around the spikes, making them occasionally useless when transitioning from snowy to icy surfaces.

Overall, these are, in my opinion, less well suited for just plain snow–which the older ones handled exceptionally well–but even better suited for slick, frozen surfaces than were the previous version.

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