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NEW Kicks: North Face Ultra Smooth


Newest in the line of North Face, the North Face Ultra Smooth is one of North Face’s only shoes designed for you to hit the pavement as well as smoother trail surfaces! The Ultra Smooth is a neutral lightweight trainer (7.7 oz women’s size 7)  For those that like a more minimal feel, this will […]

SmartWool at JQ’s

SmartWool at JQ’s

Tomorrow night will see SmartWool at Jack Quinn’s running club. Come check out all of SmartWool’s great apparel products; from socks to gloves to hats to half-zips. SmartWool’s uniquely designed apparel keeps a runner warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat, and best of all, with wool’s anti-microbial properties you’ll find that the stink of typical […]

It’s Movember! Asics At Jack Quinn’s Tuesday


In recognition of Movember, Asics will be at Jack Quinns this Tuesday with the Special Edition GT 2000 2. Equally good as the GT 2000 2, this limited edition version promotes Prostate Cancer Research, with $2.00 from each purchase going towards its benefit. So come upstairs to chat with our Asics reps, Greg and Curtis, […]