Smartwool: These socks ROCK!

As part of Smartwool’s Off-the-Wall promotion, come in and try on a pair of Smartwool socks while you’re getting fitted for new kicks. Love ’em? Buy a pair! Don’t love ’em? No biggie, just put them back, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed: sheep have moisture management down to a science. Wool has better moisture wicking properties than their synthetic counterparts found in other running socks, and as such keep your feet cooler in the heat, and warmer in the cold.

Not only that, but with Smartwool’s new line of Merino wool socks, the antimicrobial properties of Merino sheep’s wool have all the benefits of normal wool, with an added perk: they won’t ever smell! Finally you can live out your wildest dreams by donning your single favorite pair of socks every single run every day of the week sans washing and no one will know the difference!

Just kidding. But these are some seriously awesome socks, so come in and try a pair!


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