UCCS Harambee Foundation to Kick Off New Coffee Biz

Runners love their coffee, yes? Well, now you’ve got another excuse to stay stocked up, not that you needed one.

In support of the Harambee Foundation, the CU-Colorado Springs Cross Country team is set to start up a new coffee business, Synergy Coffee. synergylogo

Currently, coffee beans are available for purchase online, and proceeds benefit the Harambee Foundation, an organization instated by a group of UCCS cross country runners following their travels to Kenya one year ago, wherein they wished to find a way to not just support up and coming young Kenyan runners in the village of Kaptagat, but also raise money to enable youngsters to continue education beyond grade school.

harambee logo

Thus far, the Foundation has shipped countless new and used pairs of running shoes to the village as well as featuring local events in the Springs such as the Four Miles for Kenya Race and the Rubby Ducky Race , and monetary proceeds have not only allowed over half a dozen kids to continue their education, but have also gone to hire new teachers for the local school as well as providing utilities. Purchases of Synergy coffee will contribute to the same things.

While the coffee shop will initially be set up on the UCCS campus, purchase of coffee beans is easily available online at http://pulltogetherforkenya.org/shop/

To learn more about the Harambee Foundation, check out http://pulltogetherforkenya.org/#home1



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