Who Loves Hoka? WE Love Hoka!

These just in: the third version of Hoka’s Mafate as well as the Bondi 2, and the newest addition to the Hoka family, the Kailua Trail.

For lovers of these highly cushioned, injury-proofing kicks, the upgrades are just that: upgrades. The Mafate 3 won’t see too many changes at all in terms of fit and feel of the shoe; the made-for-the-trails tread remains just as aggressive and durable as ever, with the upper gaining some greater breathability than its predecessor. Additionally, for those who have been fans of the Stinson Evo’s quick-lace system, it’s also now featured on the new Mafate, but included with the shoe are normal laces for those preferring something more standard. Aside from that, fans are likely to love the cosmetic changes to the shoe, with the color schemes being a bit more toned down than the former two models.MSRP: $149.95

mafate 3 mens

Similarly, the newest Bondi won’t see too many changes either, so fans of the former version can rest easy. The main changes apply to the upper which, similar to the Mafate, has been made more breathable and with fewer seams. Hoka also applied the same favorable cosmetic changes to the shoe as it has to the rest of its line. MSRP $159.95

For folks who love the Hoka but find it to be perhaps too bulky for their faster days, the Kailua Tarmac is the perfect option. While the same technology found in all of Hoka’s other shoes is found in this newest model, the Kailua is a lightened up, more minimal version of its sibling shoes. It will weigh in at roughly 2-3 ounces lighter than the other models, and while it is slightly less cushioned as well, it still features substantially more cushion than other lightweight road shoes and offers a more responsive, lower-to-the-ground feel for the wearer than do the other Hoka models. Those familiar with the Stinson Tarmac will find this to be similar shoe, although made much lighter, with an identical tread that’s perfect for making runs on the roads and pavement much more forgiving. MSRP: $129.95


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