Winter Is Coming, Are You Geared Up?

Let’s face it, it’s easy to let the running motivation slide during the winter months. But don’t let colder, darker days be an excuse, we’ve got everything you need to keep it going from now till the spring! Here are a few of our favorite, most handy winter running apparel pieces and accessories to help you keep on running all winter long!

Nathan Light Spurs: These little guys are a fantastic, non-obtrusive way to make sure that you stay visible on the roads during darker runs! Simply clip them onto the heel of your shoe and ensure that you can always be easily seen from behind!

Nathan Light Spurs

Nathan Light Spurs

Brooks Heater Hog Apparel: New from Brooks, this unique material has a soft, fleece-like lining on the inside, and heats up when it comes into contact with your sweat to ensure that you get warmer, not colder throughout the miles.

Nathan Reflectivity Dots: These stick-on reflective dots are an inexpensive, convenient, and simple way to give yourself points of reflectivity wherever you choose on your apparel that will not fall off and can be easily seen by cars.

Black Diamond Headlamps: Coming in 75, 100, and 150 lumins, Black Diamond makes a headlamp that will not only ensure that you see every pothole, rock or root during your darker runs, but makes you plainly visible to oncoming traffic or cyclists. Lightweight and with a long battery life, these will easily be a winter-running diamond headlamp

Zoot FLEXwind Running Jacket: This is a super lightweight, but ultra-warm jacket that’s highly breathable. Due to its windproof panels on the front, you can easily get by on even the coldest runs with a single baselayer on beneath.

zoot jacket

Brooks Adapt Glove: These are the coolest (well, warmest) gloves we’ve got! A glove/mitten combo, this awesome glove features a wind-proof shield, that fits neatly into a pouch atop the glove, to convert the glove to a mitten. You’d be surprised how much warmer your hands stay without the wind.

We’ve got all of this stuff and more, so come in and gear up for winter!

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