2XU Compression

I live in my compression gear.  There are days I wear it all day long.  Half length, full length, socks, and sleeves, I have them all.

I have the full arsenal of rollers.  I have the stick, the foam roller, and the R8.

I stretch, I do ridiculous amounts of core work.  However, as of this year, I land midfoot.  My muscles have not fully adapted to it.  My old sloppy form is gone but the calf pain is worse than ever.  The thing that has saved me, thus far, is compression.  Sometimes it is the only thing that fully does the trick.

I prefer the 2XU because it is just tight enough to relieve my fatigued muscles, yet not too tight for prolonged wearing.  I live in it.  I run in it, work in it, go to the movies in it, however I do not sleep in it.  That is the only time where it has hurt me a little (accidentally napping in it.)  I welcomed the New Year, dancing all night in it, after running 1.5 mile repeats a few hours before.

If you are putting in some miles, always on the go, or are always sore, give compression a try.  It has made a world of difference in my running and my recovery time.  In between runs, after runs, during runs, try it out.



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