A new PR… Take that Maslow!

When running it is all the more acceptable to nerd out.  Running can be so simple, you know, “put on shoes and go out the door.”  I feel that this is just the base of the Maslow-ian heirachy of “running needs pyramid” though.  As we go up in the heirachy of needs, all need must be met, to attain the next level.  Near the tip of the pyramid may be one’s PR.  The idea is, there is no way to jump a level if all needs are not met in the lower level.




I personally like to keep track of more data than is necessary to enjoy my runs.  Whether it be:  GPS watch data, strava, athlinks, you name it, it’s easy to have information overload at the touch of button, click, or upload.  Some days it is all the more fun, to do this and hope for a PR.  On other days however, I don’t want to know how slow I am going or how far I went.  Some days are meant to just enjoy the things about running that are most important, or on the levels of the pyramid.  I love being outside, hearing the world around me, and seeing the sights of the beautiful area I am in.  I enjoy being healthy enough to run, and being alive.  Today though, I had a base need not met to enjoy the run.


The situation: 6:30 am, -12 degree Fahrenheit temps.  The clothing (from head to toe):  Boston marathon adidas beanie, buff worn as face and neck protector, merino wool icebreaker 200 weight LS shirt, Mizuno heavy duty water/wind resistant coat, old winter gloves (old), 2xu compression tights, underneath thick mizuno tights, 1 pair of Mizuno Inspires.  What did I forget?  Oh, my single pair of merino wool socks.  My downfall.  What was intended to be an hour run, quickly turned into half an hour.  After one mile my feet were numb. I was unprepared.  I turned around at two miles, and barely made it back stomping my numb feet on the few inches of snow.


I should have known.  My friend I was running with was prepared.  He had worn two pairs of merino socks and was fine.  I was unable to finish the intended distance but unknowning-ly pr’ed.  -12 degrees is my new PR.  I was able to salvage the run in a way and do what Maslow says I can’t.  Achieve the pinnacle without a strong foundation. Afterward, I treated myself to a slice of pecan pie.


photo (4)


The morning was cold.  The pie was good.  The effort didn’t cover my basic needs, however I’ll take it.  A PR is a PR and I live by the slogan “PR or ER….” or at least I pretend I do.  And, I am beyond certain that Maslow intended his pyramid to be loosely taken, and distorted enough to apply to my running PR’s. (I am not certain)  Until next time, enjoy what the day gives you!  Don’t forget your PR is out there, run numbingly towards it, if that is what it takes.  Oh, and if it’s below zero, wear two pairs of socks.

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