Brooks Defyance 7, Littleton’s Go-To -Shoe

There is a shoe out there, that is not what it should be.  It is neutral but controls moderate amounts of over-pronation better than a lot of mid stability shoes.  It also works for people who are truly neutral or supinate.  This has become a Go-To for fitting for our store.  It is built on the same last and platform as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 yet lacks the dual-density/ triple density medial foam.


The fit of it is terrific. It has a high arch that extends back to the heel recess.  It cups both high and low arches.  It has pockets of Brook’s Adaptive DNA gel in the heel and forefoot for the extra cushion between you and the ground.  What makes it so stable though?  It is the piece between the heel and the forefoot on the oustole.  It is a solid plastic component that is designed to prevent tortional twisting, yet controls moderate overpronation in the process.  This shoe is durable, flexible and weighs in on the lighter side (11 oz men’s 9.0 us, 9.2 oz women’s size 7)


Stylistically it got an upgrade from previous models, with a fun color scheme but it is the performance of this shoe is what makes it a true G0-To-Shoe.  Side by side comparisons on the treadmill, indicate that this may just be more supportive than the Adrenaline GTS 14.  So if you love a workhorse of a shoe, and can’t seem to find the right fit from Supination- Neutral- to Moderate Over- Pronation, give the Defyance a shot.  To play on the name, this shoe Defies who a neutral should be for, this shoe is superior to that.  Priced at 109.95 USD, it is an all around great option!

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