Cold Nella’s Night

Last night’s Nella’s Speed Workout was very cold.  It featured some howling winds as well as some very icy concrete.  The workout plan was a past due 1 mile time trial, which is usually done every 5-8 weeks or so, but we didn’t want to risk life and limb for it.  What came out of it, was a leap frog workout.  We ran 1 warm up lap around the Johnson Reservoir (1.42), then ran 1 lap of the workout.  It consists of a single file line of individuals, running a moderate pace.   The individual who is in the back of line,  then proceeds to accelerate to the front of the line. Once this individual leads for 5 seconds, the new last individual accelerates to the front.  This workout was perfect for what the weather gave us.  It is surely going to be used in workouts coming up in the near future.


The Nella’s Speed-work group meets every Wednesday night @ 6pm, leaving from the store.  All abilities welcome: 5-13 minute milers, run/walkers, and it usually is between 3-6 miles total depending on your speed.

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