Dreadmill for Days

It’s amazing how warm 35 degrees can feel.  What can be more relative?  Negative temperature days are brutal on your legs, feet, hands, and lungs.  Today marks the first day past a frigid week of zero and subzero weather.  The sun is out and I feel like shorts.  During the spring time I would opt for tights and long sleeves, however it feels like the tropics outside, speaking relatively.

This also marks my first run outdoors all week.  The DREAD mill, as it is affectionately known to me, can drain me.  I set myself up with pleasant distractions, of TV, smart phone apps, and Facebook browsing, yet when I am outside the only distraction I need is the scenery around me.  For me, I have to arrive at the gym with a mental resolve, and focus to accomplish more than 5 miles.  Maybe, that’s all it is, a conscious decision.

I resolved earlier this week for an hour and ten minutes.  I settled for an hour and five minutes.  I like to choose minutes versus mile goals on the old mill, to prevent myself from sprinting the last few miles to get it over with.

Of my many running accomplishments, the one that still seems unbreakable is my treadmill PR.  I have run 40 miles on the mill, non-stop.  Well technically, the treadmill kicked me off @ the 30 mile/ 4:30 hour mark, however I just hopped back on and gutted out the last 10 miles, the last three were run/walk.

I leave you with  a few questions though, what keeps you going on the dreadmill?  Do you enjoy the mill?  What’s the furthest you have gone on the treadmill? Finally, how cold is too cold for you?  For me it is 7 degrees Fahrenheit or under.  Thank goodness the weekend looks warm.  I don’t know how much more hamster wheeling I can take!


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