National Runner Safety Month: November


It’s that time of the year again.  When we have shortened hours of sunlight, especially with daylight savings, it is important to be seen out on your runs.  You no longer need to be out in the late evenings to be in the dark.  So you must be smart about staying visible.  Here are just a few ways to been seen and stay safe during your runs:

1) Wear bright clothing.  More than just florescent colors, reflective tape associated with most performance clothing can allow you to be seen from afar.  Many companies like Nathan sell reflective vests, that are meant to be worn over clothing to enhance visibility.  We carry such vest in our location. #GetLITorGetHIT

2) Wear/bring a light.  Whether it be a headlamp, flashing light, or even a flashlight, this is the easiest way to distinguish you from a motionless reflective object.

3) Run facing traffic.  This is a good general rule for running on sidewalks.  More than anything it can allow to make a decision to move if someone is not paying attention to wear you are.  Let’s face it, we are mostly concerned with cars here in all these first instances.  Facing traffic puts you more in control.

4) Find a local park that is open in the evenings to run.  Always obey the park rules of curfew, but avoiding roads when possible is an easy way to safe.

5) Tell them you are running.  It’s always smart to let someone know when you leave, regardless of any time you run during the year.

6)  Bring a phone.  Even though running can be an escape from the speed of modern life, being able to contact someone if you get into trouble is always a good call.  It can help in the worst of situations, or even in an over-ambitious run attempt that doesn’t go as planned.

There are many more things that can be said about running safe, but for now keep it smart and stay safe Littleton!

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