Nella’s Speedwork 1-15-14

This past week at Nella’s Speed Workout, we changed things up a bit.  We did a leap frog workout.  The structure of this workout is, 4 lines of 4-5 people, all about the same pace.  1 person stays in the front for five seconds, then the last member of the line proceeds to accelerate to the front of the line.  The lines over time rotates from back to front, until each person cycles up to the front of the line.  We hosted Adidas with Glide Boost Demos as well. The night went really well, and everyone seemed to enjoy/ benefit from the new workout. Coming up next week, weather permitting, is a long overdue 1 mile time trial.nellas1-15

The Nella’s Speed-work group meets every Wednesday night @ 6pm, leaving from the store.  All abilities welcome: 5-13 minute milers, run/walkers, and it usually is between 3-6 miles total depending on your speed.

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