Nella’s Speedwork 1-8-14

Last night we had  a great workout, and great give-aways!  We hosted the Colfax Marathon for our speed workout and ended up raffling many Colfax goodies, along with 3 entries to the Colfax 5k.  These could also be used as a redeemable 37 dollar coupon for any race Colfax weekend.  Our winners were very excited.  The workout was 6 * 2 minute intervals @ half marathon effort with 1 minute active recovery jogs.  The group was also introduced to our new second coach Nick (aka Jr.)  Each week going forward both Danny and Nick will be running the workouts.  It looks to be a great year for the Nella’s Speed Group!!!



The Nella’s Speed-work group meets every Wednesday night @ 6pm, leaving from the store.  All abilities welcome: 5-13 minute milers, run/walkers, and it usually is between 3-6 miles total depending on your speed.

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