New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

What are your training goals for the year?

As we turn the page on another year, runners around the world are planning out their race calendars.  For some, it will be the promise of notching a longer distance.  For others, it’s checking off a bucket-list race.

Whatever the desires or motivations, the common thread for us all is: preparation. As runners, we know all too well the highs and lows of preparing for a big race.  At times, the smallest thing can derail our big plans, leaving us frustrated and sitting on the sidelines when race day comes around.  But when months of training and planning come together and the energy and excitement of race day pushes us to achieve big, it is a feeling like no other. After all, we don’t have to be elite to feel elite.

What are your big goals for running this year — races or otherwise — and how will you prepare for success?

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  1. Ellen Zuckemran says

    My goals are to run consistently 4 days a week, to change up my workouts regularly to challenge myself, to eat smarter and drop a few pounds, to participate in at least one race every month this year. Also, to run under a 10 minute mile again!

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