Roll Your Way Back To Recovery




It’s marathon season, and you’re either starting to freshen up for the big day, or you’re still walking down the stairs backwards because your quads are destroyed from 26.2 miles on the roads. Whichever predicament you find yourself in, the Roll Recovery is the perfect tool to get you to the starting line fresh, or back to walking around the office like the fit monster you really are.

Built to target muscle groups used by most endurance athletes, the flushing effect of the Roll Recovery is essential to muscle recovery, and muscle repair. Designed by local Colorado runner, Jeremy Nelson, the Roll Recovery is used by athletes across the world. From your first-time runner to your world class marathoners, the Roll Recovery is built to fit a variety of different body sizes and shapes, and it’s portable, so you can take it anywhere!

Whether you’ve endured months of marathon training and are just looking to get to race day healthy and fresh, or you’re still limping around like a person twice your age, the Roll Recovery will bring the snap back to your stride.

So come by the Boulder Running Company and pick up your Roll Recovery today! Your muscles will thank you!

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