Staff Route Choice: Waterton Canyon Road

If you travel about 15 minutes south of the store down Wadsworth BLVD you can access a great run.  You head south, turn left onto Waterton Road, and the Waterton Canyon parking lot is on the left.  The 6.6 mile windy dirt road (closed to public traffic) with a steady incline of 450 feet, is a staff favorite.  From there, you can travel further up onto the Colorado trail where it gets steep and technical very quickly.  This route is a great place to get in a long run, especially if you are training for a marathon with an incline or decline to it.  There are multiple bathrooms on the way up, nearly one every 1.5 miles.  Get there early on the weekends though as the parking lot gets busy with bikers, runners, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts past 8 am.  However, this route is run-able year round as it is well maintained.  Check it out soon! Waterton-Canyon-Trail-in-Colorado-1 (view at about the half-way mark up the road)

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