Tales from the Trails: Through the Fog

Centennial Cone

A surprisingly warm run at Centennial Cone

As we woke up and looked outside Sunday morning, it looked like we were in for another miserable, cold run on icy trails .  It was dark and dreary and a thick blanket of fog covered the city.  We dressed in our warmest winter gear and headed out for our run at Centennial Cone outside Golden.

As we headed west on the interstate, the stagnant fog blocked our view, providing us with low visibility. Moments later we entered the canyon, where the sun slowly broke through the foothills.  Suddenly, a spark of delight touched our faces as we began to hope for a little bit of warmth. We shed a layer or two in the parking lot and ascended the mountain, partially disbelieving how different the weather was a few short miles outside of town.

Funny how the weather can vary so much in the surrounding cities of Colorado. You just never know what are going to get. In the end, a perfect, beautiful, warm run, proving once again that you can’t judge how your run will be by looking out the window.

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