Tales from the Trails: Winter Traction


Getting through the snow pack with Yaktrax

The thermometer read 8 degrees as we set out for our Sunday trail run at Green Mountain.  A few inches of snow accumulated on the trail from the previous day’s storm, so we came prepared with traction — Yaktrax, Ice Trekkers and plain ol’ screws.

The Yaktrax plowed through the ice and light snow while providing plenty of stability. Some of us slipped around at times, but that was mainly in the deeper pockets of powder.  At which time, the only thing that would have performed  better is a pair running snowshoes.

Reports on the Ice Trekkers were much the same — great stability and traction on the thinner coverage, but not much of a match for the deeper wind-packed powder.  As for the do-it-yourself screws?  Our lead runner ran almost effortlessly as he broke trail for the rest of the group.  Of course, he always runs effortlessly.

All told, our traction options did what they were designed to do and made today’s distances possible.  Now we just need a big blanket and a pot of coffee.

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